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The 33rd Rell Sunn 2008 Menehune Surfing Championships

The results are in, great job by all contestants

The pictures are here!


Bethany Hamilton arrived and donated 2 boards that she personally signed for the 2 Keiki's with the Best Sportsmanship!  Aunty Rell strongly believed in teaching the keiki's to ALWAYS practice sportsmanship for it was key in sports and life!

1) Makana Demate

2) Kahanu Delovio

Kalani Robb arrived and donated 2 Al Merrick boards that went to the most deserving contestant:  Aunty Rell always incorporated this into the event for keiki's that tried their hardest and competed with all their hearts and that weren't as fortunate to have boards or beach toys lying around for use.

1) Alika Manners

2) Kaniela Stewart