Rell Sunn - the Queen of Makaha, the Heart of the Sea
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Often referred to as the "Queen of Makaha," Rell was the quintessential water-woman, excelling at all watersports, including surfing, bodysurfing, spearfishing, and open-water outrigger canoeing. In the early 70's, Rell was instrumental in establishing the Women's Professional Surfing Association and founding the women's pro surfing tour in which she twice finished third in the year end rankings.  Despite all of her accomplishments, Rell Sunn remained a completely humble and unselfish person, and might easily have been called the "Queen of Aloha" for the spirit she carried with her, and the enthusiasm she devoted to every aspect of her life. We have compiled a number of stories and tributes about Rell Sunn that are published on this site to share with the world, If you have any stories, or photos that you would like to share with us, please contact us.



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