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The Rell Sunn 29th Annual Menehune Surfing Championships
NOV. 26, 27, 28, 2004 MAKAHA BEACH

The contest was awesome, and the surf was GREAT, Friday we saw a consistent 5 to 6 ft swell, a little large for the younger kids, but they were fearless and went after it like pros, truly an inspiring site. Saturday morning the surf dropped slightly, but the sets were still 4 to 5 ft and all the kids were charging it. Sunday saw the surf drop to about 1 to 3 ft and we were hit with the rain they forecasted for the entire weekend.The beach has been absolutely packed with supporters and surf fans. Many of the 'Big Guy' Pros came down from the North Shore Contests to support the 'up and coming' riders on Sunday morning and were signing autographs and posing for pictures. Great food and give-away's going on and smiles everywhere.The results are below, congratulations to all the riders!!!
Roby, the webmaster
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6 & Under Bodyboard Finals

1-Tiare Keaulana

2-Kala Sunn

3-Noah Bradbury

4-Ale’a Pu’u

5-Keale Teo-Sunn

6-Makalani Teo-Sunn

Girl 7-9 Bodyboard Final

1-Nawai Pu’u

2-Kayla Ginella

3-Tita Manuel

4-Tehani Louis-Perkins

Boy 7-9 Bodyboard Final

1-Dayton Quizon

2-Pono Hirakami

3-Alex Kreienbaum

4-Hunter Johnson

Girl 10-12 Bodyboard Final

1-Naluehu Pu’u

2-Maili Enos-Branigan

3-Jaime Dee Rapoza

4-Miki Rapozo

5-Keani Kreienbaum

6-Kaiha’ale’a Keaulana

Boy 10-12 Bodyboard Final

1-Travis Smith

2-Kalei Pastor

3-Brandon Napoleon

4-Sheldon Pasion

5-Matthew Costa

6-Ty Enos-Branigan

6 & Under Shortboard Final

1-Kaulana Apo

2-Barron Mamiya

3-Noa Mizuno

4-Dax McGill

5-Honolua Blomfield

6-Finn McGill

Girl 7-9 Shortboard Final

1-Kealohi Sabate

2-Nicole Verdadero

3-Kayla Ginella

4-Malia Mizuno

Boy 7-9 Shortboard Final

1-Kalen Galtes

2-Kaikea Elias

3-Koa Smith

4-John Quizon

5-Kaoli Kahokuloa

6-Joshua Moniz

Girl 10-12 Shortboard Final

1-Kawehi Whitford

2-Leila Hurst

3-Ashley Hunter

4-Alessa Quizon

5-Brittny Napoleon

6-Anabella Marvin

Boy 10-12 Shortboard Final

1-Matthew Costa

2-C.J. Owens

3-Koa Smith

4-Eli Olson

5-Johnnie Ginella

6-Sheldon Pasion

6 & Under Longboard Final

1-Ale’a Pu’u

2-Kelii Keliikipi

3-Tarah Aniya

4-Noa Mizuno

5-Finn McGill

6-Kirra Borello

Girl 7-9 Longboard Final

1-Nicole Verdadero

2-Kealohi Sabate

3-Tehani Louis-Perkins

4-Nawai Pu’u

5-Kaiwahine Blomfield

6-Tita Manuel

Boy 7-9 Longboard Final

1-Seth Moniz

2-Kino Cajigal

3-John Quizon

4-Dayton Quizon

5-Kaoli Kahokuloa

6-Shane Lopez

Girl 10-12 Longboard Final

1-Leila Hurst

2-Brittny Napoleon

3-Kelia Moniz

4-Kawehi Whitford

5-Ashley Hunter

6-Anabella Marvin

Boy 10-12 Longboard Final

1-Nelson Ahina

2-Keoni Perkins

3-Isiah Moniz

4-Kainui Goins

5-Kekumu Blomfield

6-Pookela Sanborn


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